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I've Moved!!  

Functional Medicine Consultation

Welcome to my page. I have re-branded as New England Functional Wellness. My services on this site are no longer current.  Come visit me over at NEFW to book a clarity call and learn more! 

How do I know if this is right for me?

  • Have you been struggling with not feeling well and ready to take control of your health?

  • Have you seen several different providers and still not getting the outcomes you desire?

  • Are you on a laundry list of medications and think to yourself "This can't be for the rest of my life!"?

  • Have you attempted to do your own research on how to improve your overall health but are overwhelmed with all the information out there?  

  • Maybe you feel pretty good but want to see if there's ways you can optimize your health and prevent future disease? 

  • Do you have a relative whose health is failing and you want to make changes in your own health so you can not head down that same path?  

  • Are you fully ready to commit to lifestyle changes to reach and SUSTAIN your goals? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's worth a quick phone call with Katie to explore whether you are a great fit.   In working with Katie, she will create a UNIQUE and personalized health plan along with providing the necessary tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired goals. This is something you cannot find in the traditional model! Accountability is incredibly important in achieving sustainable changes.  The essence of Katie's work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you truly Own Your Wellness.



The human body is incredibly smart and, if given the right tools, it has the opportunity to heal.  It's never too late to start!  Here we will focus on health foundations while focusing on finding why your symptoms started in the first place. Lets give back to the body what it truly needs! 


We are exposed to toxins as a normal part of living, but depending on the person, these can contribute to a your experience of health.  Poor air quality? Chemicals in personal hygiene and household products? Stress? And yes, medications! Let's work on identifying them and reducing exposure to those toxins!   


This is the good stuff! Fostering self-care habits sets us up for healing. Do you struggle with a self- care routine? By creating a calm, nurtured environment for your body and prioritizing activities such as exercise, sleep, meditation, laughter and meaningful connections, you'll have greater success.

Helping you to find the forest through the trees.


Functional Medicine is an individualized, science-based model of care that explores the root cause of a person's symptoms. What caused your symptoms in the first place?  Here at OYW, Katie will incorporate the principles of Functional Medicine by taking a deeper dive into the interconnectedness between genetics, environment and lifestyle factors that are affecting your experience of health.   It involves a therapeutic partnership between you and Katie, with the focus on your UNIQUE individuality as a whole. No one person is the same.  This shift from the traditional, disease-centered model to a more patient-centered one allows Katie to support you towards sustainable lifestyle changes in an effort to achieve long term wellness.

What People Are Saying...

Senior Woman

"Getting direction on how to eliminate certain foods that I was sensitive to and the gas was eliminated almost completely."

Portrait of a Senior Man

"I believe she can help me figure this out. I don't feel frustrated like I did when other practitioners told me nothing was wrong"

Studio Portrait

"She breaks down the cause and effect in ways I understand. She explains how everything ties together and she explains how the protocols will help."

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