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  • How do I know if I can benefit from your services?
    If you are struggling with your overall health, have seen provider after provider with no relief, have goals that you can't seem to meet, are tired of pill after pill after pill or just want to ensure you are taking all the best steps in order to create a healthy mind, body and spirit as you get older, well then you've found the right place. Pretty much anyone will benefit from functional medicine! Our current model is not built to support this kind of care. This is an investment in your health and your future. Think of it like a gym membership or personal trainer. You need to be ready to make the commitment. You need to be willing to make changes in your lifestyle habits. Katie can't do the work for you but is dedicated to give you the tools and support you along the way.
  • What should I do to plan for the Jumpstart Your Wellness consultation?
    Prior to the initial consultation, you will need to have completed the Health Intake Form and Symptom Questionaire. This covers A LOT of material so it may take you some time to complete. That is ok! Also, you should obtain copies of any recent labwork and an updated list of any medications or supplements you are taking. Once these items are submitted and payment is received, Katie will review it and you will schedule your first session. A notebook and something to write with is recommended. As part of taking ownership of your own health, keeping track of information is very important. On the day of the call, Katie encourages you to create a comfortable, quiet space without distractions so you can get the most out of the session.
  • What should I expect for our first Jumpstart Your Wellness consultation?
    This consultation can take up to 2 hours, depending on each individual person. Katie will have already reviewed your health history and has come prepared with questions and recommendations. This will certainly be a deeper dive into your health history and an opportunity to get to know you and what lights you up. It is Katie's goal to help you have a better udnerstanding of why you are feeling the way you are and feel empowered to start making steps towards healing. You will recieve a full write-up of the visit and rapid-relief recommendations to start using right away! However, Katie does recommend you have a notebook and something to write with. As part of taking ownership of your health, keeping track of your information is very important. On the day of the session, plan to create a comfortable and quiet space, free of distractions. This will help to ensure that you are focused and get the most out of this session.
  • Will Katie be my PCP?
    No. Katie will not be your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Katie is working in the role of a consultant. In fact, as part of agreeing to work with Katie, you must have a PCP with whom you've already established care. Katie will not be diagnosing disease or prescribing medications. It will be important that you plan to follow-up with your PCP during the course of your work with Katie.
  • Do you take insurance?
    No, Own Your Wellness does not accept insurance, including Medicare & Medicaid. The reason for not taking insurance is that it does not reimburse at the rate that truly reflects the time and energy that is dedicated to each review of a health intake form (2-3 hours, sometimes more!) and the time for each consultation (60-120 minutes). You will be provided with a “Super Bill” after your visit, upon request, which you can submit to your insurance. Depending on your insurance, you may receive partial reimbursement. Currently, Katie cannot accept anyone over the age of 65 but please still reach out to be added to the waiting list.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    Own Your Wellness accepts payments via Venmo . And, yes, you can use your Healthcare Spending Accounts.
  • Can I see you if I live outside of MA?
    Unfortunately, no, but hopefully that changes down the road. Katie is currently licensed only in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is happy to refer you to other incredible practitioners, however. If you're interested, sign up to be notified for when the online modules go live because anyone can access them, regardless of where you live!
  • Are labs included in your fees?
    No they are not. Katie will work with what routine labwork you already have. There's SO MUCH that can be done with just that. Katie may recommend other labs through your PCP, if necessary. Moreover, we may decide that more specific functional medicine labwork will be useful for you and Katie will provide you with the instructions on how to obtain those.
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