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Work With Katie

 Not sure what this is all about or if this right for you? Book a 30-minute discovery call with Katie to chat more.  It's important that you are the right fit.  Working with Katie and committing to sustainable lifestyle changes along the way will help you reach these goals, but it is necessary to set realistic expectations.   We all want a quick fix, however your symptoms are often a result of a lifetime of events and choices and that takes time and commitment.   Just like disease does not happen overnight, neither does the path towards healing!   You are working towards a future that aims to achieve the highest quality of life. 

Make the investment in yourself today!

 Jumpstart Your Wellness

This is a 1:1 consultation call for all new clients.  Prior to the call, Katie will review your completed Health History Form. She can make recommendations for lab work, when appropriate, to be included as part of the assessment.  When complete, you will have a greater understanding of what is going on in your unique body, with a focus on optimizing brain health and longevity. The Jumpstart includes:

  • 60-90 minutes video consultation, following thorough review of completed health history and symptom questionnaire.

  • Education, empowerment and inspiration about what is going on in your UNIQUE body 

  • Personalized functional health report based on recent lab work, helping to identify optimal blood values (** Additional cost for labs if you desire to have them updated)

  • Recommendations, if appropriate, for which package will best help to meet your healthcare goals

  • ACTIONABLE steps to implement right away that include diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Access to Fullscript Online Dispensary (** Cost not included)

Cost of investment: $399.

Image by Emma Simpson

Master Your Wellness

Image by Jony Ariadi

Following the Jumpstart Your Wellness session, you will partner with Katie to meet your health goals. True health prevention and disease reversal takes time. Accountability, inspiration and empowerment are key!  This 3 month membership includes:

  • 3- 60 minute monthly, tele-health visits  

  • 3- 30 minute mid-month coaching sessions 

  • Access to online, HIPAA-compliant wellness platform for portal messaging

  • Access to Fullscript Dispensary for a 25% discount on supplements (** Additional Fee) 

  • Access to Functional testing at wholesale pricing

         (** Additional Fee​)

Cost of Investment: $350 per month x 3 months, with the option to continue, if desired.


Continue Your Wellness

For established patients, the journey doesn't have to end once you've reached your health goals through the Master Your Wellness membership.  We're playing the long game here. For continued support, consider maintaining a monthly membership that includes: 

  • 12 month commitment​

  • Annual "Jumpstart Your Wellness" telehealth visit

  • Access to Fullscript Dispensary for a 15% discount on supplements ( **Additional Fee)

  • 2 portal messages per month


Cost of Investment: $49.99 per month.

Healthy at any age
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